Gulfstream Dreams

Racing the Wind
The Chase
With the weather worsening, they press on into their desperate journey. But wait, what is that on the horizon?
Sudden Squall
Caught unexpectedly in a narrow passage with tricky currents and a rocky shoreline, the captain works quickly to lower sail and secure his boat.
Windy Day
The only pressure at this place is what to do, way out there, so far away for the modern world. Let's see: snorkeling? beachcombing? hammock time? What sounds good to you? Of course at the end of a quiet lazy day the pier is the best place to see another fantastic tropical sunset... and another... and another...
With this picture I wanted to take something very ordinary and overlooked, and turn it into a design element full of color and energy. This island laundry line was perfect. Every time I look at it I can almost feel the sea breeze and smell the salty air. Can you?
Three Tree Key
In this scene, I wanted to create a feeling of mystery. An untold story. Who arrived on this out-of-the-way beach and where did they come from? Are they just visitors? Or pirates? Or smugglers? Is anyone else there? What will they find on the other side of the island?
Crystal Clear
This picture was inspired by looking out the airplane window down at the islands of the Bahamas. The sea and the sand bars form an ever-changing endless abstract image of every shade of blue and green, punctuated by an occasional island. A brightly colored sailboat adds a focal point to this transparent fantasy world.
Solitude Point
The name says it all: Solitude Point. A beach away from everything. The gulls and the old driftwood tree are your only companions here. This is the place to leave the world behind as the sea breeze and the waves wash away your worries.
Gone Floatin
With this piece I wanted to combine abstract art with realism. Water is the eternal free form abstract while the colorful floats add realism and allow the piece to have a pleasant floating movement to it.
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