The only pressure at this place is what to do, way out there, so far away from the modern world. Let's see: snorkeling? Beachcombing? Hammock time? What sounds good to you? Of course at the end of a quiet lazy day the pier is the best place to see another fantastic tropical sunset... and another... and another...


Original Painting - 32"x 48"


Each piece I paint is carefully researched and planned, using just the right colors and design elements. The actual painting involves glazing transparent layers of color, using a method perfected by Maxfield Parrish many decades ago.

All this takes time but gives my work a luminous quality and unique style which, when combined with dramatic subject matter, produces compelling work.


Giclee sizes and pricing:


Large – 48” x 32” @ $895

Medium – 36” x 24” @ $595

Small – 18” x 12” @ $195


Free shipping in the continental US on all items, 7% sales tax for Florida residents.

Pier Pressure