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"My husband and I first saw Richard Shaffett’s artwork in a small gallery in Key West.

We both were instantly drawn to the vibrancy depicted in each and every work. The colors, the movement, the light and the shadows take you to exactly that place depicted in the piece. You are in that beautiful place, hearing the lap of that crystal clear water, breathing in the sea air, feeling the gentle warm breeze on your skin. And that indeed is magic for this water girl. We purchased 3 of Richard Shaffett’s giclées that day, loving each one of them individually for their uniqueness, but drawn to each one because of that feeling of being in and experiencing that time and place.

We moved from Key West to Sarasota in the spring of 2021. Being in our new home on the Gulf Coast, we wanted a unique art piece to commemorate our relocation to this beautiful area. I recalled that Richard Shaffett had some connection to the Gulf Coast, but not realizing to Sarasota in particular. An internet search led me to Contact the Artist on his website."

L.R. & B.R., Sarasota, FL


"We purchased Richard Shaffett’s Sarasota cityscape painting, and proudly displayed it in our living room. Our love of the city of Sarasota skylines could not have been better displayed and expressed on this four piece painting. The painting takes you to the view of city skyline from the local beach access. One cannot help by looking at it, and not be transported to the scene, it feels like you we’re standing there watching an amazing recreation of the details. You can almost touch the water, and feel the gentle waves, the trees on each side are casting slight shadows on the landscape, the birds are alive, the pelicans, seagulls and dolphins waiting for the fisherman’s offerings, and the people seem real. The sand has been patiently recreated, as if it was sprinkled on the canvas.  The skyline was reproduced with striking accuracy, the Ringling Bridge, Van Wezel, and all the buildings around the city island.

We highly recommend Richard Shaffett’s work.  We appreciate and admire his tremendous artistic talent and ability, as well as patience, diligence and never-ending passion for his work and creativity throughout the years.  A true artist."

M.S. & G.K., Sarasota, FL

"I have several of Richard Shaffett’s work, plus he’s done a commission piece for me in the past. The quality of work Richard does is like I’ve never seen before. Looking at any one of Richard’s pieces make you feel like you are there in person; they are so real, colorful, and creative. My favorite of the pieces I have and appreciate the most is “Southern Comfort.” I think Richard is in the prime of his career and doing exceptionally good art."

B.L., Covington, La

" I first saw Richard’s paintings at a show and was impressed by his work, especially the driftwood pieces.  They were exactly what I was looking for, so I commissioned three pieces.  Working with Richard was so easy.  He was very professional and delivered the finished paintings right to my home.  They match my décor perfectly and I am very happy with them."

J.H., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I bought a “Windy Day” giclée from Richard and I just love it!  It fits perfectly with our tropical setting.  Richard was very easy to work with and delivered the painting right to our front door.  The more we look at it, the more we like it!"

L.R.,Clearwater, FL

"I have purchased two of Richard’s paintings, “”Headin’ Home” and “Underway”, and they are proudly displayed in my home.  I love Richard’s work, the realism and the accurate details, but also the fantasy that he evokes in his tropical scenes.  I consider Richard to be a very talented artist."

G.B., Bradenton, FL


“We have one of Richard’s Asian giclées “Autumn Bridge”.  She loves it!”

T.S. Baton Rouge, LA

"I have two prints of Richard's.  I purchased them for my daughter who, after seeing one on display, has absolutely fallen in love with Richard's work  The first one acquired is titled "Mango Lane" and the second is called "Faraway Cay".  Richard captures the real thing in his work.  "Faraway Cay" is a giclée print and it is breath-taking.  In addition to loving his work, I think Richard

is an absolute pleasure to do business with.  Thank you Richard, I'm certain I'll be coming back!"

B.M., Lantana, FL

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