Shipwreck Shores

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Last Adventure
After its last adventure, this once proud and feared ship now lies here, at peace with the world.
The Arrival
Blown off course by storms, this intrepid little ship came to its final rest in the New World. What happened next is lost to history. Maybe the jaguar knows …
Conched Out
This old island boat was hauled up out of the water in Aruba. At first sight, I knew I had to paint it, but in a different setting. A deserted sand bar with a shallow lagoon and turquoise reef water beyond seemed right. The squall beneath the building clouds adds some drama. Now the scene is set for your imagination to write this boat's story of how it got there...
High and Dry
I like the strong angles and shadows of these boats as they rest on the tidal flats. Their traditional shapes and bright colors indicate that they are local island working craft. Looking at this picture, I can almost feel the warm tropical sun.
Can you?
After the Storm
It was quite a blow but she seems to have survived it. Where is the crew?
Blown Ashore
Old wrecked wooden boats and the stories they tell have always fascinated me. What has this one got to tell us? Did she go aground through human error, or was she beached intentionally to keep from breaking up at sea? Did the crew survive? Were they rescued? Maybe smugglers hide their contraband inside...
Hard Luck
Was it a navigational error, or strong currents, or a storm that caused this to happen? Or just hard luck?
Bahama Drama
Blown ashore within sight of the lighthouse, sea and sand slowly reclaim their prize as a shark patrols the shallows – life goes on.
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