In this scene, I wanted to create a feeling of mystery. An untold story. Who arrived on this out-of-the-way beach and where did they come from? Are they just visitors? Or pirates? Or smugglers? Is anyone else there? What will they find on the other side of the island?


Original Painting - 32"x 48"


Each piece I paint is carefully researched and planned, using just the right colors and design elements. The actual painting involves glazing transparent layers of color, using a method perfected by Maxfield Parrish many decades ago.

All this takes time but gives my work a luminous quality and unique style which, when combined with dramatic subject matter, produces compelling work.


Giclee sizes and pricing:


Large – 48” x 32” @ $895

Medium – 36” x 24” @ $595

Small – 18” x 12” @ $195


Free shipping in the continental US on all items, 7% sales tax for Florida residents.

Three Tree Key