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"We were instantly drawn to the vibrancy depicted in each and every one of Richard's work. The colors, the movement, the light and the shadows take you to exactly that place depicted in the piece. You are in that beautiful place, hearing the lap of that crystal clear water, breathing in the sea air, feeling the gentle warm breeze on your skin. And that indeed is magic. We purchased several of Richard Shaffett’s paintings, loving each one of them individually for their uniqueness, but drawn to each one because of that feeling of being in and experiencing that time and place."

L.R. & B.R., Sarasota, FL

Richard Shaffett with dog in studio with Ragged Reef painting in background.

Hi, I'm Richard Shaffett and this is my pal Pronto. I am a longtime Florida resident and a lifelong fine Artist.  You've reached my Island Art website where I show my tropical and nautical paintings for sale.  My work is inspired by the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Key West, and centers around island boats and beach scenes, old driftwood trees, and tropical moods.  Through my art I want to take you to a quiet peaceful place away from this chaotic world.  So just relax and enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you.


Gulfstream Dreams

Richard's classic collection of paintings inspired by the Caribbean Islands and the Florida Keys

Headin' Home on wall in a room setting

Tropical Islands and Lagoons

A more recent collection of Richard's paintings inspired by the Islands of the Bahamas

Near the Pass on wall in a room setting

Offshore Adventures

Another of Richard's popular collections showing his love for the sea and the boats that sail it

Storm Warning on wall in a room setting

Shipwreck Shores

Richard's longest standing and signature collection

High & Dry on wall in a room setting

Searrealistic Fantaseas

Richard's organically shaped cut-out images on panel

inspired by the sea for your imagination.

A cut-out cornucopia of colorful coral reef marine life emanating from a nautilus shell.

New Orleans

Crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya... for all you Cajuns out there, New Orleans has it all ... Mardis Gras, and jazz, jazz and more jazz !

A colorful collage of New Orleans images
"Our Sarasota"
Fellow Sarasotans, this is for us: a panoramic view of our beautiful Bay, as seen from City Island.  A must-have for anyone who loves our Sarasota...
A view of Sarasota across the Bay from City Island
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