Heavenly Hideaways

We all need a calm space away from the challenges of today’s world. Here are pictures I have created of some of those places, from my imagination to yours.

Once upon a Tree House
Dreams really do come true in this fairytale tree castle. High above your own forest kingdom you are alone with the woods and the music of the stream as it flows over the rocks. The outside world is forgotten.
Peace and Plenty
A beautiful tropical sunset, palm fronds rustling, the warm light of home – priceless wealth.
Stairway to Heaven
Out here on your own private island the sea air and sound of lapping waves are your companions as the sun sinks over the horizon. The world and its cares are far away.
Southern Comfort
It’s sunset on the bayou at the end of a beautiful day. In the distance an owl is hooting, crickets are chirping and the aroma of gumbo fills the house. All is well.
Lotus Lake
The moon shines her light down on this calm lake where the night sounds of frogs and crickets blend with perfumed air to create a tranquil hideaway all yours.
Honeymoon Hut
Way out here your biggest worries are when to take a swim and what kind of fish to have for dinner. In this endless summer place there is no news, no shoes, no blues.
Coastal Living
Way up here, overlooking a calm sea, the smells of grasses and wildflowers drift through the open windows of the overturned boat house. Cares are long forgotten.
No Worries
It may look like just a simple shed at the end of a pier, but it is really a gateway to another world where things are calmer and cares drift away. Yah mon!
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