Chris Craft Collection

Before painting these boats I thoroughly researched them in various stages of restoration and spoke to owners to get a real feel for them. They are truly floating moving works of art. Each of these paintings is exactly accurate down to the last detail. This set is the perfect collector's item for serious Chris Craft enthusiasts!

1920's Chris Craft River Otter
What a classic boat this one is! With its long slender shape, all that beautiful woodwork and gleaming fittings, the young man and his lady can't decide which is more pleasurable: admiring this floating work of art, or cruising in it.
1938 Chris Craft Barrel Back
On a fine morning, this couple heads out to the island in their Barrel Back custom. Along the way, many admiring looks are received from other boaters on the lake. With a boat like this, they're used to it.
1940's Chris Craft Riviera
This beautiful expression of postwar America's spirit lies ready and waiting to take this couple anywhere they want to go. Who could resist the siren call of this sleek handcrafted dreamboat?
1946 Chris Craft Racing Runabout
It's 1946, the war is over, and Chris Craft is building fast boats like this one. In a quiet backwater, engines roar and spray flies as a red and white lightning bolt shoots through with its bow lifted and flags standing out smartly. Hang on tight!
1957 Chris Craft Capri
It's the late 50's in America and life is good, music is cool, cars are hot, and Chris Craft is making beautiful boats. Here guy and girl take the runabout out for a spin over glistening waters.
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