Mediterranean Odyssey

South of Sicily
There was something about this Mediterranean fishing boat out of the water that lead me to want to paint it. It was a beautiful experience to see the whole boat, above and below the water line, its wooden planks flowing from bow to stern. The old fisherman mending nets, the barren land against the turquoise lagoon, and the lighthouse in the distance complete the scene somewhere South of Sicily.
Day's End
Late afternoon is my favorite time of the day. The lengthening shadows signal the coming of evening. In this picture, all the boats have returned safely to the harbor after a day at sea, working, fishing, carrying goods and people. All the oars and nets are stowed securely aboard. The calm water and clear light lead into a peaceful night.
Under the Bridge
After pulling their traps and selling the catch, the fishermen have beached their boats and headed home for a well deserved rest.
Bella Vista
I wanted to create a Mediterranean mood using simple elements of sea, sky, and bougainvillea. This is a sunny place high above the sea where the air is clean and worldly cares are left far below.
Alta Vista
With this picture, I wanted to capture a general Mediterranean feeling of an elegant place high above the deep blue sea. Way up there cool sea breezes and warm sun combine to create an unforgettable experience in this timeless classic setting.
Aegean Stairs
On a sunny Mediterranean afternoon, a fisherman's dog relaxes in front of his home as the aroma of seafood stew fills the air.
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