Desert Seas

Last Light
Part of Cathedral Peaks in Sedona was the model for the rock formation in this piece. It was the first one of the Desert Seas paintings I did and it just flowed out of me onto the panel. I wanted to convey a sense of the quiet, eternal strength of this huge beautiful rock standing alone against the relentless power of the sea. The drama of the fading sunlight and the swirling gulls introduce additional elements to complete this very compelling scene.
Eye in the Sky
The giant rock formation called Angel's Window in the Grand Canyon was the inspiration for this picture. I wanted to paint this desert Southwest rock formation in an unusual way, so I imagined how it might look rising from the sea. The resulting image contains an air of almost prehistoric timelessness.
Spiral Bridge
Window Rock in Sedona was the inspiration for this picture. I was moved to paint it as were many local artists, I am sure. Not wanting to simply repeat what has already been done, I looked for a different way to portray this incredible work of nature. I imagined it in a completely different setting: the sea! The powerful wave action and petroglyphs give it a timeless, almost prehistoric atmosphere as it rises above the desert sea.
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