Coastal Connections

Scrub Cay Light
As the sun sets and the wind picks up the old abandoned lighthouse warns a local fishing boat way from the offshore reef.
Down Island Dawn
If these old pilings could speak, what stories they could tell of heartache and joy, of storms and calm, and endless sunrises like this one.
Backwater Twilight
A local fishing boat has anchored for the night in a forgotten down island bay. The quiet sound of the lapping waves tells of a peaceful night for all aboard.
Gone again
Saying goodbye is hard, and while he's gone the long lonely days and nights seem to drag on forever, until that wonderful day when Dad comes back from the sea. But soon he'll be gone again...
Sands End
Old lighthouses symbolize man's turbulent relationship with the sea. This abandoned one surely has many tales to tell. Tales of good times and bad, tales of balmy summer days and raging winter gales. Tales of ships guided safely into port and those that went onto the rocks. Now the gulls and the sea are its only companions as it stands alone, noble in its isolation.
Sand Locked
Lighthouses are popular with almost everyone, including me. In this scene I wanted to portray an old abandoned one, forgotten by the world, but still standing high atop a sand dune. Derelict but dignified it looks out to sea. What tales it could tell of storms it has weathered, ships it has saved and the people who operated it... it stands as a reminder of a bygone era.
Sanibel Light House
As the Florida sun goes down and a squall moves in, this sentinel of the sea sends out its beacon to guide the mariners safely home.
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