Viva Cuba!

El Morro
Cuba is such a fascinating place, so near and yet so far away... the forbidden fruit. The Castillo has stood guard at the harbor in Havana for hundreds of years and is a subject any artist would find hard to resist.
del Cobre
The good people of Santiago de Cuba find nourishment for the soul at Nuestra Señora del Cobre.
El Machetero
I wanted to create a powerful tribute to the Cuban cane cutters, and to manual laborers everywhere. They are strong, determined people who do the demanding, endless hard work for the rest of us. I want you to feel the heat and the effort of this work. I want you to feel what this cane cutter's life is like as he spends it chopping cane forever. I want you to feel compassion and gratitude.
Los Vegueros
The tobacco pickers in the Viñales Valley of Cuba are picking the last leaves after a long day. I wanted this picture to evoke the spirit of these hard-working people whose lives are as deeply rooted in the earth as the plants they tend. I wanted to portray people living and working in harmony with the Earth.
Duermete mi niño...
Mother and child look out at an uncertain future.
Secretos bajo la luna
Did she really say that? What was he doing there? It really was not her fault… Secrets told under the moon.
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